Family Searches for Son and People Are Not Talking….

Timothy Poss is missing 9-1-2018 from Hot Springs, Arkansas
Timothy Poss

Timothy Poss has been missing out of Hot Springs Arkansas, since September 1 2018.  At the time of disappearance, he was staying at a meth house.  His mom got a call from him that morning around 8:30 am.  Several minutes later a female called her asking her to come get him.  Poss’s mother said she could pick him up it would be later on in the day.  Minutes later the same female texted Poss’s mother saying he walked into the woods. When family members went to retrieve him, Poss was not there.  However. several of his items were his including his cell phone.  Timothy Poss is 31 years old and is five foot six and 145 pounds.  He has blue eyes and a receding hairline that is brown.  He has several tattoos/  His right hand has MAMMA’S inked on it.  Hi left hand has BOY inked there.  The left forearm has the word “Crazy” tattooed on it.

His family is looking for him and for answers.  If you have any information as to where he may be contact the Garland County Sheriff’s Office at (501) 622-3660.

UPDATE:  3-28-2019 Sad news to report, human skeletal remains found several hundred yards away in an area north of Marion Anderson Road on March 23rd, 2019 have been identified as Timothy Poss.  Investigation continues as to cause and manner of death.  

(Source:  Case Submitted by Family & NAMUS)


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