Unsolved Murders of Native American & Canadian Aboriginal Woman Continue to Destroy Their Communities

The New York Post several months ago wrote an excellent piece about this problem.  They are often the forgotten ones when it comes to unsolved crimes…



Family Searches for Son and People Are Not Talking….

Timothy Poss is missing 9-1-2018 from Hot Springs, Arkansas
Timothy Poss

Timothy Poss has been missing out of Hot Springs Arkansas, since September 1 2018.  At the time of disappearance, he was staying at a meth house.  His mom got a call from him that morning around 8:30 am.  Several minutes later a female called her asking her to come get him.  Poss’s mother said she could pick him up it would be later on in the day.  Minutes later the same female texted Poss’s mother saying he walked into the woods. When family members went to retrieve him, Poss was not there.  However. several of his items were his including his cell phone.  Timothy Poss is 31 years old and is five foot six and 145 pounds.  He has blue eyes and a receding hairline that is brown.  He has several tattoos/  His right hand has MAMMA’S inked on it.  Hi left hand has BOY inked there.  The left forearm has the word “Crazy” tattooed on it.

His family is looking for him and for answers.  If you have any information as to where he may be contact the Garland County Sheriff’s Office at (501) 622-3660.

UPDATE:  3-28-2019 Sad news to report, human skeletal remains found several hundred yards away in an area north of Marion Anderson Road on March 23rd, 2019 have been identified as Timothy Poss.  Investigation continues as to cause and manner of death.  

(Source:  Case Submitted by Family & NAMUS)


New Years Day Mystery Still Haunts City

David Paul's Gravesite ceremony
Photo by Devin Leith Yessian of the Record Journal


January 2, 1988 was a cold, bitter day and while many people were busy recuperating from celebrating the New Year, a horrible death had just occurred. While walking along a wooden path in the southern part of the Connecticut city of Meriden, a woman thought she saw a little doll wrapped in pink and white blankets nestled against a tree in an empty company parking lot. As the woman approached closer she made the grisly discovery that it was a dead 7 1/2 pound blue eyed, blonde haired boy. The newly born infant had died from the extreme cold in a few short hours.

Gravemarker for Unidentified Infant found on January 2, 1988 in Meriden, CT
Photograph by David Zajac of the Record Journal

The boy was given the name, David Paul by a pastor at a local church. The name means beloved little man. It’s been almost twenty years, since David Paul’s lifeless body was found. It is suspected that he was abandoned by a female (most likely his mother) and police are looking to find her.

With the popular usage of family ancestry websites, it is possible that David Paul’s DNA will lead to either one his parents.  In 2018, the technology has helped crack many cold cases including that of a serial killer in California who is responsible for over a dozen murders and fifty rapes.  Maybe 2019, will finally give us an answer as to who this child is and why he was left to die the way he did.

There is a 20,000 dollar reward being offered in this case. If you have any information about the death and abandonment of David Paul, please call the Meriden Police Department at 203-634-3784.

For more information visit this article about David Paul

UPDATE: January 14, 2020, David Paul’s mother has been identified as Karen Kuzmak-Roche.  She was 25 years old at the time and gave birth alone.  After she had left her son in a parking lot, she had called the local fire department, to “tell them to look for something there”.  Due to the statute of limitations, charges are not expected.  Police are still trying to verify who David Paul’s father is but do not believe he had anything to do with the crime.  

(Source: The Record Journal)


Police Still looking for Clues in Murder of Providence Woman

Unsolved murder of Rhonda Travers in Warwick, Rhode IslandIt was June 20, 1987, when Rhonda Lee Travers body was found about 12:40 p.m. in a wooded area next to the Leviton Manufacturing dump in Warwick by an individual walking across the site.   Despite a intensive search no weapons were found at the scene.  Newspaper articles state that Travers had been dragged by her feet from a car to where she was found.  There did not appear to be a struggle at the scene.   The 26 year old had been involved in prostitution.  Some of her belongings were eventually found at a location in another part of town.   Travers was from Providence and lived on Bridgeham Street.  There have been several unsolved murders of woman that were engaged in prostitution in Rhode Island during the time of Traver’s death.  Most of those cases have not been solved.  If you have any information about this homicide please contact the Warwick Detective Division at 401-468-4261. All calls can be confidential. You can also email the Warwick Police at warwpd@warwickpd.org.

(Source The Providence Journal & Rhode Island Cold Case Unit)

Bad Husband or Really Bad Luck

Robert Kalosky is either one of the unluckiest men in the world or an evil murderer.

kaloskyHis first wife Paula Kalosky was found dead in 1999 from a gunshot wound to her head at the home she shared with her husband at 206 North Moodus Road in East Haddam.   The Medical Examiner at the time declared the manner of death as a suicide.  Her brother was never convinced that his sister would take her life.  He filed a wrong death lawsuit against Robert and a different Medical Examiner would change Paula’s manner of death to Undetermined in 2004.

sandrakaloskyDespite rumors around town of her death being a murder, Robert Kalosky would marry again.  His second wife 56 year old Sandra Kalosky would be found dead from blunt force trauma to her head and upper extremities on March 23rd of 2018 in the same house where Paula was found dead nearly two decades earlier.   The Connecticut State Police have not named Robert as an official suspect.

For more information about this case please visit True Crime Daily


A disappearance, an Unidentified Skull and even more Questions.

shawnpatrickraymondIt was September of 1992, when a man operating a bulldozer noticed what he thought was a mushroom in a Michigan State Department Natural Resources Dredging site along the Clinton River in the Macomb County Harrison Township of Michigan.  Upon closer inspection, it was revealed to be a human skull.  No other human remains were found near the site.  In April of 2004, the identity of the individual was revealed after a forensic reconstruction was done and dental records matched with that of a missing person.  It was 19 year old Shawn Patrick Raymond of St. Clair County Clay township. He had been reported missing on July 3, 1983 after he was supposed to return from meeting with a bunch of friends while going to a bar in Detroit.   The recent high school graduate  worked at a restaurant in Algonac, Michigan and was looking to go Macomb Community College in a few months.   Raymond was last seen at a bar named Menjo’s, which was a gay bar.  No cause or manner of death was ever determined however, the case is being treated as a homicide investigation.  It is not publicly known if Raymond was targeted because of his sexuality.  In an online article on NBC News, Police have two suspects being looked at for Raymond’s death.


Death of Mobster

Whitey Bulger Gangster
Whitey Bulger Gangster

James “Whitey”Bulger terrorized Boston as well as other parts of the country.  A crime boss who was very hands who was convicted of partaking or participating in 19 murders.  Bulger at the age 89 was killed by other mobsters in a prison in West Virginia. Some think it may have something to do with him giving information on the rival La Cosa Nostra in New England to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Bulger was a ruthless individual who aside from killing other mobsters, took the lives innocent people some of whom were women.  Bulger probably had more secrets and knowledge of bodies that still haven’t been unearthed.  But one thing is sure, his reign of terror is finally over.

Brutal Double Murder suspect Arrested after nearly 30 year mystery

His composite sketch was out there as was his DNA in several databases.  On Septemberstarkvillesuspect 3rd, 1990, an unknown suspect entered a house on Old Highway 82 in starkvillearrestville, Mississippi and brutally two women. 65 year old Betty Jones was stabbed by the intruder and then sexually assaulted. The intruder did not stop there as he then attacked the home owner 81 year old Katherine Crigler. She too, was raped and would die from her injuries a month later.  In early October, police got their man.  Now it looks like Michael Devaughan will spend the rest of his life behind bars or be executed for these crimes if found guilty.

For more details visit this article.

A Surprising Confession and now a Town’s only unsolved Murder has a Suspect

millanRumors swirled around the Simsbury, Connecticut murder of 54 year old Melissa Millan in 2014.  The divorced mother of two children was recently divorced and a high level insurance executive at the Mass Mutual Insurance Company.  Some people thought her ex-husband was responsible, however, that was ruled out by police quickly. Others thought her line of work had something to do with her death.  Rumors swirled around regarding a professional hit job to prevent her from talking to authorities about financial crimes going on at her place of employment.  No evidence could be found supporting the claims.  Still Police were baffled as to who committed the murder with a just one stab of a knife to Millan’s chest as she jogged on a road near the downtown.

William Winters Leverett, 27, Killer of Melssa Millan of Simsbury, CTAnswers would come years later when a 27 year old man accompanied by fellow members of a religious group that he was part of came to the Simsbury Police Department.   The suspect felt he couldn’t live with his deadly secret anymore.  William Winters Leverett, formerly of Colorado would lead police to evidence in the house where he was living that proved he was the one responsible.