Disappearance of College Student a Mystery nearly a 100 Years later..

Frances St. John Smith was born in 1909 to wealthy parents in New York City, New York. Her parents, St. John Smith and Florence Howland, were descended from families who sailed to the United States on the Mayflower and are very well-established names on the East Coast. Her parents had high hopes for Frances and her brother, St. John Smith, though only the latter would go on to achieve them. By 1928, Frances was missing and presumed dead.


Gone, Baby, Gone….

Jovanna Stacey Crawford never had a chance. A chance to grow up with her mother, brother and extended family. Not even two years old, the Bridgeport, Connecticut toddler was last seen by a male baby sitter named Ronald Garrett (her mother’s then boyfriend ) on June 5th 1981 in the tough P T Barnum Housing Project in the 80 block area of Taylor Drive. The boyfriend claimed that Jovanna’s great grandmother had sent a boy around the age of 10 to 11 years old to fetch Jovanna and bring her to the great grandmother who lived nearby. The boy was described as being of African ancestry with small braids in his hair. Jovanna was never seen again.

There have been questions in Garrett’s story. Family members claim that they never sent a young boy to get Jovanna who was not quite two years old. He would be convicted of felony risk of injury to a minor and would serve a year in prison. His story has never changed, and Jovanna if alive today would be in her forties. For more information about this case visit http://charleyproject.org/case/jovanna-stacey-crawford

IF you have any information about the case please call Lt. Christopher Lamaine at the Bridgeport (Connecticut) Police at (203) 581-5183.

Late Goodbye…. Poets of the Fall

In our headlights, staring, bleak
Beer cans, deer’s eyes
On the asphalt underneath
Our crushed plans and my lies
Lonely street signs, power lines
They keep on flashing, flashing by
flashing by……

And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye, such a late goodbye
And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye

Your breath hot upon my cheek
And we crossed that line
You made me strong when I was feeling weak
And we crossed, that one time
Screaming stop signs, staring wild eyes
Keep on flashing, flashing by

And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye, such a late goodbye
And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye

The Devil grins from ear to ear when he sees the hand he’s dealt us
Points at your flaming hair, and then we’re playing hide and seek
I can’t breathe easy here, unless our trail’s gone cold behind us.

‘Til in the john mirror, you stare at yourself grown old and weak

And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye, such a late goodbye
And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye

It’s a late goodbye
And we keep driving into the night…

A Long time ago….. this song was the theme song on our website back when it had a different name. One of my favorite tunes of all time…. (but not the favorite)

New Book reveals Information about one of New England’s Most Infamous and Mysterious Disappearances….

Joan Carolyn Risch by all accounts was a happily married mother of young boy and girl who was pregnant with her third child to her husband Martin. However, on October 21, 1961, Joan would vanish leaving questions unanswered for decades. According to library records, Joan had taken out books weeks earlier on disappearances and how to remove oneself from society. Did she leave behind her life as a loving mother to escape with a new lover? Or perhaps something more sinister happened as there was large amounts of blood found in her home. Did she try to perform an abortion on herself? Or was she a victim of foul play.

True Crime Author Michael Bouchard obtained the case files which are over 5000 pages thick and wrote a book about what he believes happened to Joan Risch the day she disappeared. Masquerade: The Joan Risch Cold Case – A Cops Perspective

Family Still Continuing Quest for Justice in Murder of Daughter/Sister

Rhonda Hinson Murder - North CarolinaNineteen year old Rhonda Hinson lived in the town of Valdese North Carolina and murdered on her way home on December 22nd, 1981.   A lone bullet from a high powered rifle, went through the trunk of the car she was driving, through the drivers seat and would kill her by piercing her heat. Her car would go off the road and her body was found on her back in an almost staged position with her arms by her side.  There were theories that Rhonda was scared of something before she died.  Some suggestions are, is that she may have been dating a married man.  For almost 4 decades the case has gone unsolved.

Facebook page for Rhonda Hinson

Killed for Less than A Hundred Dollars……

Betty Conley - Upstate New York Murder VictimIt was on July 8th, 1993, when when thirty-seven year old Betty Conley was working an overnight convenience store shift in the Town of Charlton in Upstate, New York.  The married mother was slain during a robbery, .Her life and that of her family was destroyed for less than $100 that was taken from the cash register.  Close to three decades later, the puzzling homicide is still unsolved.

To read more visit the reddit post by alwayssunnyinupstate

(Sources: https://www.girlgonesmart.com/post/girl-gone-local-unsolved-mystery-in-upstate-new-york)


You Heard of the Netflix Show “Don’t F**k with Cats”? Well here’s some Advice… Don’t F**k DOGS!!!

Luka Magnotta - Notorious Murderer from Don't F**k with CatsThe Netflix show “Don’t F**k with Cats” detailed how a group of internet activitsts tracked down a man filming himself killing kittens and putting in on the dark web.

Soon the activists would notify police about a young man named Luka Magnotta, who was born Eric Kirk Newman.  The Canadian resident worked as a stripper, escort and appeared in adult films.  He also a criminal record which included fraud.  He was identified and his name given to law enforcement but nothing was done.

Lin Jun - Victim of Luka MagnottaThe saying goes that killers start with animals and gravitate towards humans.  That would soon happen to Magnotta as he would kill a 33 year old Chinese National named Lin Jun. He would video tape himself killing and abusing Jun’s body.  Magnotta would eventually be captured overseas and returned to Canada to face justice.  He would eventually be sentenced to life in prison.  

For some animal abusers that post their crimes online, prison is not the only thing they have to worry about…..

David Wheelcok - Don't F**k DogsIt was around 9:28pm December. 21st, 2014, when David Wheelock was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds that he suffered from while inside the home he owned at 170 Pearl Street in the town of Keene, New Hampshire (USA).  Police think that someone in a brown Buick LeSabre or Buick Century killed the former military veteran. The 48 year old victim suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and was wheelchair bound.  He was also a registered sex offender due to possession of child pornography.


But there are troubling theories on the internet that Wheelock may have been involved in other sexual misconduct activities. A housemate of Wheelock named Nicholas A. Coll was eventually arrested for sexually abusing dogs.  It was not the first time that Coll had sexual relations with a dog.

Police believe is that Wheelock may have been involved in filming these episodes and posted them on the dark web.  There is also strong belief that other men may have been involved in the abuse.

It is possible that Wheelock’s killer may have been angry at him either due to his sex offender activities or as a result of his filming of activities involving the abuse of dogs.  Police believe that the killer may have been a white male in his mid-twenties.  But is also possible that the killer could be female.  When I asked a Keene Police officer about this case, they said off the record that they wanted to solve the murder but that there were a long line of other cases that were taking priority over this one.

There is a theory that an animal rights extremist(s) tracked down Wheelock from these videos and killed him as an act of vigilante justice.  Moral of the story.

Don’t f**k animals…. especially dogs…..

If you have any information about this case, please call (603) 357-9815. You can remain anonymous.

(Sources: https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/a30308038/netflix-dont-fuck-with-cats-luka-magnotta/



When you realize you are one of the six……..

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center has many disturbing and sadly sobering statistics about sexual assault in this country.  It’s a problem that has been around since men/women could walk.  For the last few decades, activists and law enforcement in the United States and other countries around the world have been doing their part to eradicate this public health & societal problem.

One in five women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives. 

That means many people that we know are victims.

One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old.

terry as child for savagewatchWhen I was in college and after, I had heard about some boys and girls being victims, but never took the problem seriously at all. I thought it was rarity and did not understand the trauma the victims would deal with.

That was until, I ran into a former high school athletic coach at a gym several years back.  He was a good guy, tough, demeaning at times, but looked out for his students and athletes.  He had been railroaded by members of the administration in my high school and forced to look for other work outside the education field.  When it came time to talking about a member of that administration, (We’ll call him Mister Douche).  My former coach had revealed how this administrator would shake teenage boys hands and pull their hands to his crotch while talking to them in private and public places.


Then out of nowhere, came the memory that I had successfully blocked from my brain  since senior year in high school.  See, I was one of those unlucky enough to have Mister Douche pull this stunt.  I remember it happened before class started during the winter time my senior year across from the gymnasium doors.  I still remember his face looking at me like he was shocked.  I was stunned by what happened.  I apologized and hurriedly walked to my home room.   I knew Douche was a voyeur but I never thought he would pull my hand to his crotch.  You see, I was smart enough to never use bathroom stalls with no doors on in the gyms bathroom.  You see the good ole’ Douche had those doors removed so he could talk to teenage boys while they sat on the toilet while he practiced his deviant art of voyeurism.  He even one time followed me into that same bathroom only to be disappointed because I used the urinal instead (angled my body so the dirty old man couldn’t get his cheap thrills).  Over the decades, there were many complaints of Douche’s behavior as he would waltz around the men’s locker room amid a bevy of young men in various stages of undress after football practices or the sometimes naked weigh ins before wrestling matches.  Parents dismissed his behavior as weird but my coaches and others that taught at the school knew it was criminal.

Eventually things would get too hot and Mister Douche would find himself banned from the men’s locker room after a brave high school teacher started a revolt against him.  A police investigation would ensue and he retired from his position only to take an administrators job in Asia at a boys school before any charges could be brought.  Apparently, his own behavior may have raised eyebrows there and he would eventually retire back to the states where he and his wife would live until he passed away a few years ago.

At the time of Douche’s crooked handshake, I had only told one person.  They had said that despite his reputation, it would be my word against his.  I didn’t even tell my parents until decades later….. Not only that, but being a young man, you were not supposed to complain about this pervert trolling the locker room, even though much of the athletic staff and students hated the guy.  You would be seen as weak, so instead many of us students handled him with humor and viewed him as a sort of a running joke and an unfortunate rite of high school passage.

81% of women and 35% of men report significant short-term or long-term impacts such as PostTraumatic Stress Disorder.

I didn’t suffer from PTSD from my incident with the crooked handshake but I can tell you this, for over a decade I would shake older men’s hands at chest level.  It wasn’t until a former boss lambasted me for my “pathetic handshake” and demonstrated it needed to be done at a lower angle.  Fortunately, he was a cool guy and not a pervert trying to get a rise out of the situation (like the douche).

I had talked to a female detective that I know that handles sexual assaults in her town.  The amount of crimes she said she deals with is overwhelming and many of the people accused and convicted are family members or close family friends.  She had said that what  Douche had done to me would be considered Sexual Assault in the fourth degree. He  most likely would not have served prison time but would’ve lost his job and been put on the sexual offender registry.     There were many victims of Douche’s voyeurism including people I knew.   One friend of mine confided in me decades later that he felt violated after Douche paid him a bathroom visit and watched as the friend doing nature’s calling.

I was fortunate that my assault was very minor.  I can’t say the same for three women that I had dated in my past.  Two had been raped and a third sexually abused as a teenager.  As a result of these violent acts, they all had issues with alcohol and those relationships lasted only a few weeks if even that long.  Sadly, one would die months after we stopped seeing each other due to a mixture of drugs and alcohol.  She left behind a young child she adored, who will have questions and a permanent void for the rest of their life about their mother.

So next time you read about someone claiming sexual abuse decades after it happened.  I want tell you this.  Sometimes people block it out.  Sometimes they are afraid.  Sometimes they don’t know what actually happened until years later.

Listen to what they have to say.  Most of them are telling the truth.  If it’s hard to determine the truth then always look for patterns of bad behavior with the alleged predator.  Connect the dots if you can….

I know too many people that have suffered from sexual abuse….The trauma stays with them the rest of their lives…..and in some cases ends it…..  And I’m tired of it…..



Click to access publications_nsvrc_factsheet_media-packet_statistics-about-sexual-violence_0.pdf