Three Years Later Jennifer Farber Dulos is still Missing… Memorial shines light on her and other victims of Domestic Violence….

Jennifer Farber Dulos Missing 2019

Fifty year old mother of five children Jennifer Farber Dulos went missing from the town of New Canaan, CT (USA). Her husband Fotis Dulos is the prime suspect in her disappearance but sadly will never confess to any wrongdoing due to his own suicide. In the town of West Hartford at the entrance to a reservoir off route 44 is a memorial for her and other victims of Domestic Violence.

Jennifer Dulos Memorial
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Nearly Four Decades Later, another Murder is solved by Law Enforcement

Claire Gravel was a 20 year old college student who was a victim of murder and discovered dead  in a wooded area on June 30th, 1986, in Beverly, Massachusetts. Sixty-three year-old John Carey has been arrested for her homicide and he is behind bars serving time for a sexually related violent assault.  For more information click here

(Source ABC News)

Fifty Two Years Later: Suspect Identified in Cold Case Murder of California Woman

Genetic Genealogy once again finds a killer. 27 year old Nancy Bennallack was stabbed to death in her apartment as she slept in Sacramento, California. Police confirmed that a fellow resident in the building named Richard John Davis was the murderer. Davis died in 1997. Bennalack was a court reporter who at the time was engaged to be married to a Chief Public Defender in the California Court System.


Is a Serial Killer Hunting Muslim Men in One US State?

UPDATE 8-10-2022: 51-year-old Muhammad Syed has been arrested. Possible motive could be related to a hatred against muslims of the shia denomination.

Four men dead from gunshots, three within the last two weeks alone. Alburquerque, New Mexico Police think the murders may be linked. While no motive has been established, one theory points to the homicides being religious or racial motivated.