Another Unidentified Victim of Notorious Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy is Identified

Forty Five years later a family has answers as to what happened to their son, brother and uncle. Francis Wayne Alexander has been identified as one of Gacy’s earlier victims in his killing spree. Five more victims remain nameless but hope persists they too will be identified.


Halloween is Filled with Ghosts and Goblins… New Book Reveals the Truth about a Real Life Monster…

True Crime Podcaster, Author and Journalist Dave McGrath has researched and written a book about a real life boogeyman. Wayne Chapman…. Chapman has left behind numerous victims, some he may have killed. The Book “Monster” reveals that Chapman may have actually had a circle of other deviants with the same sadistic interests as him.

UPDATE: 10-22-2021 Chapman passed away at the age of 73. Taking away many of his dark secrets.