Brutal Murder of Girl Solved Through DNA Evidence

april-marie-tinsleyApril Tinsley’s killer is finally caught.   A monster is behind bars and awaiting Judgment.

Why Wayne Williams May Not Be Atlanta’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

Though there is much debate as to whether Wayne Williams is the killer responsible for over 25 murders of young black children in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Forensic testing a few years ago showed that Williams is most likely responsible for a dozen of the killings.

A recent newspaper article revealed that the Atlanta area may have been victimized by some of the most prolific serial killers to ever roam the United States.  There are over 130 murders of women that are unsolved mostly by strangulation which certain crime experts believe may be the work of several different serial killers.

Maybe those clamoring for Wayne William’s innocence should also focus on the large amount of female victims that are forgotten.