An arrest has been made in the notorious Golden State Killer rapes and murders. He has been identified as 71 year old James Joseph D’Angelo. Accused of a dozen murders and over fifty rapes. The accused is a former police officer who was fired from his job. goldenstatekillermugshot

The Original Night Stalker
The Original Night Stalker

Before He was called the Long Island Serial Killer…

In 2008, a Connecticut Newspaper questioned a Detective about the similarities in the murder of a still unidentified murder victim nicknamed Peaches and that of Jessica Taylor and another unidentified murder victim (nicknamed Cherries due to a tattoo on her remains).

Police did not see a similarity.  Now almost a decade later, the murders of Peaches and Jessica Taylor are probably done by the same person who killed as many as ten to 16 people including a toddler who is the daughter of Peaches.   They are all believed by Law Enforcement to be victims of the Long Island Serial Killer. bristol press article about peaches murder victim

Major Development in Murder of Rhode Island Mob Enforcer?

hanrahan1Kevin Hanrahan was a feared man.  He would beat people up, rob drug dealers, and kill for Organized Crime. It is no secret that Hanrahan has been a suspect in several unsolved murders in Southwestern New England.  In 1992, after having dinner in the Federal Hill section of Providence, some unknown persons shot the tough guy in the face, as he was leaving to go to his car.   Twenty five years later, there are rumblings that former high level members of the New England Mafia ordered his killing.

Could there be a break in a 1973 Cold Case in Connecticut



Anthony Pellicci was  well known restaurant owner in Stamford, CT.  But in 1973, someone or some people decided to murder him.  Now comes word from the Stamford Advocate that this case (featured on ) may be closer than ever to being solved.  45 years is a long time for answers.


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