HBO to do Movie about Legendary Football Coach and Sex Scandal that brought his Legacy Down

Joe Paterno and Penn State.  The names go hand in hand.  But before the Larry Nassar scandal, there was the case of assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and his rape/molestation of boys .  How much Paterno and did will always be a point of contention.  But in the world of big money and sports, there will always be coverups and payoffs.

Check out the trailer starring Al Pacino as the Football Coach coming to grips with possibly his biggest opponent off the field.


Wrestling Legend Bruiser Brody’s Death Remains a Source of Anguish

bruiserbrodyProfessional wrestling has been called fake.  Staged.  But sometimes there are real fights, career ending injuries and in some cases, death.  Bruiser Brody was one of pro wrestling’s biggest and most notorious names.  Brody, his real name Frank Goodish, was stabbed to death by a fellow wrestler in a shower in Puerto Rico in 1988.  Why does the killer still walk free when it was clearly a case of murder?

Unsolved Murders in Lancaster County

From a Murdered United States Assistant Attorney to an Unidentified Newborn baby girl murdered.  These are just a few of the cases that need to be solved.