Reward for Infamous Serial Killer Never Caught

He was given the name, “The Doodler” He is a still unidentified serial killer who Law Enforcement believes to have killed six men from January 1974 to June 1975.

He was given the name because he sketched (drew) his victims, whom he encountered at gay bars and clubs. He then would have sexual relations with the victims before he killed them. The victims all had stab wounds on them and police theorize his fatal body count could be as many as 14 along with three other victims who were wounded but escaped the savage killer.

The killer is described as a black male who was 19-25 years old at the time and around 6 feet tall (182 centimeters). It is possible that the killer may have been an art student at a college or an artist.

There is a $200,000 Reward for information leading to a conviction in this case.

For more information about this case which includes allegations that the “Doodler” may have also attacked people of high social significant standing, click here.

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