He was one of the richest and most brutal men in the world… What became of his massive fortune???

El Patron Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar. The name means many things to people. Decades after his death, the public is still fascinated by the Columbian businessman who created a cocaine drug trafficking empire (the Medellin Cartel) that profited hundred of billions of dollars and killed thousands of people. Escobar lived a life of luxury as well as being a philanthropist to the many of the poor in his South American country. When Columbian government forces finally killed him on December 3rd, 1993 his massive empire collapsed. But even though “Don Pablo” aka “El Patron” is long since dead, there remains the mystery of what happened to billions of dollars in American Notes (Dollars) as well as precious metals that he secretly hid in various locations. Over the years, Columbian citizens as well as relatives of Escobar have found millions of dollars in the fields and houses of Columbia. There is even speculation that Escobar hid some of his vast wealth in properties that his cartel secretly bought that are still unknown to US Law Enforcement. Escobar’s billions even in small amounts would make most people rich but there are many people looking for that money too that like Escobar would kill for it.

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