New Book reveals Information about one of New England’s Most Infamous and Mysterious Disappearances….

Joan Carolyn Risch by all accounts was a happily married mother of young boy and girl who was pregnant with her third child to her husband Martin. However, on October 21, 1961, Joan would vanish leaving questions unanswered for decades. According to library records, Joan had taken out books weeks earlier on disappearances and how to remove oneself from society. Did she leave behind her life as a loving mother to escape with a new lover? Or perhaps something more sinister happened as there was large amounts of blood found in her home. Did she try to perform an abortion on herself? Or was she a victim of foul play.

True Crime Author Michael Bouchard obtained the case files which are over 5000 pages thick and wrote a book about what he believes happened to Joan Risch the day she disappeared. Masquerade: The Joan Risch Cold Case – A Cops Perspective

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