Prime Suspect finally arrested in Murder of Prominent Texas Attorney

It was a brutal and horrific murder. Ira Tobolowsky, was 68 years old and physically disabled. He was a well-known attorney involved in several civil rights cases. He was also a close cousin of well known movie character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. For years, police have looked at the son of a woman that the attorney represented in a civil case. That man, Steven Benton Aubrey was finally arrested and charged with captial murder. If found guilty, he could face the Death Penalty.

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Some Elected Officials and activists only care about violent crime when it affects them.

He was convicted of an execution style murder of a 19 year old woman named Nikki Thrasher. The killer was sentenced to life in prison without parole. However, Oregan Governor Kate Brown commuted the monster’s sentence 28 years after the killing. When various states (in the USA) got rid of the Death Penalty, some supporters of Capital Punishment claimed that life in prison without parole would be next. Sadly, They were right……