Fifty Year Mysteries

death certificate unidentified native american oregonThe Willamette River turned up a mystery on September 9th 1966 in Portland, Oregon.  The body of an unidentified Native American Male was found in the water of Multnomah County.  The man was estimated to be between the ages of 35 to 40 years old and had died according to his death certificate of Asphyxiation by submersion.

The manner of the man’s drowning is not known and it could be accidental, suicide or even a homicide. His body was found by the Burnside Bridge and he was buried at the Union Cemetery of Cedar Mill.  It Death Certificate picture was taken by Tracy Turner and taken from the Find A Grave website.

portland 1966 drowning victimSeveral months earlier another unidentified body of a white male was found in the Willamette River near the Broadway Bridge in Portland on June 18th, 1966.

He was a white male that was believed to be around 50 years of age.  His death was also listed as Asphyxiation by submersion and no manner of death was listed.   Suicide, Accidental or Homicide could be any of the reasons why this individual was found in the water.   Death Certificate picture was also taken by Tracy Turner and found on the Find A Grave Website.

If you have any information as to who either of these two deceased men may be, please contact the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office at 971-673-8220

A Gruesome Discovery With Few Clues To Go On

Police in the Connecticut town of Milford are still trying to discover the secret behind a gruesome discovery found near the banks of the Housatonic River in 1994. A torso was found dumped at the end of Oronoque Road, and has yet to be identified. The torso was found March 24, 1994, in a secluded neighborhood near the river banks. It was wearing shorts, wrapped in a bedspread and stuffed inside a canvas bag according to police sources. Police said they believe the remains were that of a black-haired Latino male who was between 24 to 30 years old, weighed 120 pounds and had a birthmark on his buttocks.

milforddoe1In 1992, the body of an Asian man wrapped in a rug was also found off Oronoque Road in another  unsolved case. The victim in that case had been shot to death. Law Enforcement believe that the Asian male may have been from out of state and between the ages of 18 and 25. For additional information about this victim go to here.

Newborn Baby Never Identified, Killer Unknown

It was a discovery no one wants to make. On January 24, 1974, an eleven year old boy opened a suitcase at 4:30 pm near a building at the corner of Ely Avenue and Wilson Avenues in Norwalk. Inside a suitcase was the body of a newborn female infant believed to be either white or Hispanic. A Medical Examiner declared the death was as result of a homicide and that she had been deceased for 2-3 days. There are few clues as to who killed and may have given birth to the dead child. A half an hour earlier, a white or Hispanic female had been seen walking down Ely Avenue carrying the same type of briefcase. She was described as being Caucasian (possibly Italian) or Hispanic. She is believed to be in her early 20’s,with dark hair, and a medium complexion. She was also described as being well dressed as well. The suitcase also had a brand name of ”Jesus A. Ossam” of Medellin, Colombia. If you have any information you can contact Lt. Arnorwalkjanedoet Weisgerber at the Norwalk Police Department at (203)854-3028. Or email him at Anonymous Tips can be called in at (203)-854-3111.

Buried without a Name and Forgotten

unidentified black female 1969Hartford, Connecticut has had several unidentified dead buried over the decades.  Most of these have been stillborn/murdered newborns from the 1960’s and earlier as well as illegal abortions in Northwood Cemetery in nearby Windsor.  Northwood is also where several of the nameless 1945 Hartford Circus Fire victims are buried.

unidentified white male 1977 hartfordThere are two unidentified adults though whose remains are also without a name.  A black female estimated to be around 24 years of age was found at 4 Kensington Street in the North end of Hartford on April 13th, 1969.   On August 26th 1977, a white male in his late fifties was also discovered in the Connecticut River.   At the time an article in the Hartford Courant estimated that he had been in the water for four or five days.   These two are not in any databases and the record obtained above were from the Northwood Cemetery.

Baby Abandoned and Left To Die

It was a horrible discovery was made two boys on Christmas Eve in 1984. The boys found the body of a white female baby with brown hair that was dead in Woodland Lake located at the Dismal Harmony Park in Mendham Township, New Jersey.  An autopsy revealed that the baby died of exposure and hypothermia.  The child had lived for around 24 hours before her life would be lost.  A month later another baby would be abandoned in the town of Teaneck.  Fortunately, the male child was saved by someone who heard his cries.  Sadly, Morris County has had several cases of babies being left for dead in which they and their parents were never identified.

Morris County Unsolved Cases   If you have any information about this case, please contact the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office at  (973) 285-6200.

Man Remains Nameless Fifty Years Later

Spanning over 400 miles through four states, the Connecticut River is the longest body of water in New England.  Popular for fishing,  swimming, boating, it is sadly a place where people go to commit suicide and criminals dump the bodies of their victims.

On April 21st, 1969, police in Glastonbury, CT (two towns southeast of Hartford), pulled out the body of an unidentified white male possibly aged 55 to 65 years of age.  He was estimated to be about five foot nine inches (175 centimeters) and 170 pounds (77 kilograms).   The deceased wore blacks leather shoes, heavy socks, a belt made of leather and what may have been a red & dark striped shirt.  The autopsy performed discovered that the man had a hernia operation done on his left groin.

Perhaps most telling about the man was that he had three tattoos. The first was of a naked girl on his right arm.  On his left arm was a bird’s wing and the letters W-A-R-D.  It is possible that there were other letters on the arm, the deceased may have had the name edward or howard but the body did suffer from severe decomposition.  At the time of death, a Hartford Courant article stated that the body could have been in the water from 6 months to 2 years.  It is unknown where the body came from, and that heavy flooding could have dislodged the body from a wooded area near the river further north.   This case is not on NAMUS and is still listed as Unidentified in the Glastonbury Death Records.  If you have any information about who this person may be, contact this website at unsolvedct  @