Human Leg on Golf Course a Grisly Mystery

In late August of 2004, the remains of a human leg were found at the Shuttle Meadow Golf Course in New Britain, Connecticut near the border with the town of Berlin. Despite an extensive search no other remains were found. The victim remains to date unidentified but it is believed that he may have been a white male between the ages of forty to sixty years of age.

UPDATE July 2018:  The leg was identified as belonging to Southington, CT resident Paul Sweetman who was a former real estate developer and apostle of the Brother Julius led cult called “The Work”.  Charged with his 2004 murder were Ruddy Hannon and Sorak Minery were charged in his murder.  Sweetman who was 70 at the time was dismembered after being slain.  Parts of his remains were found under a shed where Minery had lived at the time of the killing.  Other parts near the golf course remain missing.  Police Officer Michael Bouchard who is also a True Crime Novelist is writing a book about Brother Julius and the Cult.  Bouchard  believes there are other murders committed by Cult members.  

Cult Apostle Paul Sweetman from the Work (Brother Julius)
Paul Sweetman taken from the New England Cable News Network