Friendship between Two Women takes Fatal Turn

Murder of Cynthia Kane in West Warwick, Rhode IslandIt was September 9, 2002 when Cynthia Kane-Clark was found dead on her couch in the apartment she lived in at 306 Washington Street in West Warwick.   The 30 year old mother had been shot point blank in the head while she slept.  Police theorized that whoever killed Kane-Clark knew her.

Attention would soon focus on a friend of hers named Dawn Shippee.  Shippee was a thirty year old mother of three who lived in Coventry.  She and the Kane-Clark became friends after meeting one another in a drug treatment facility.  But things had become strained between the two.  Shippee had started dating the father of Kane-Clark’s child.

Dawn Shippee Murder in Exeter, Rhode Island in 2002.After the murder, Shippee would be questioned for the murder until she too would be found dead in the Wood River near route 165 in Exeter on December 29, 2002.  Police have not released how she died but have stated that the case is a homicide.  She had last been seen eating at the Middle of the Road Diner in Exeter and was reported missing by her father.   While no suspect has been officially named in the Shippee murder, attention has turned to a close family member who served prison time for arson.  The same individual was a suspect in the murder of an insurance salesman in Arizona in 1976.  While not convicted  his own brother was and is serving a life sentence for that crime.   This family member in question to Shippee has not been named as a suspect in the Kane-Clark murder.

If you have any information about either of these two murders please call 1-877- RI Solve (747-6583).


Skeleton Found Under Basement Floor

High School Photo of Philip Seals
High School Photograph of Philip Seals

There are many secrets in Rhode Island.  In July of 2013, Construction Workers uncovered one under the basement floor of a factory located on 355 Prairie Avenue in Providence.   The building was at one time referred to as the Federated Lithographers-Printers factory.  The skeletal remains of an adult male were found at the bottom of a waiter elevator shaft.  The Medical Examiner would soon declare it a case of homicide.   Law Enforcement would soon identify the man as Philip P. Seals.


Seals was a West Virginia native who come to Providence to find a new life and escape the problems of alcoholism.  Seals was an Air Force Veteran and college graduate who was believed to be last seen in Providence around February 1982 around the age of 45.  Seals was described as a drifter who had minor issues with the law.  Providence Police do have some leads they are working on.


Murder of Pregnant Woman A Cold Case for Law Enforcement

mccreadymurderIt was a sinister act of violence when between 1:30 am and 4:30am of March 12th 1995, a killer(s) took the dead and naked body of Jocelyn S. McCready from a car and left her wrapped in a blue tarp, on a quiet portion of Grand Avenue in Pawtucket.

Police theorize it is likely that McCready who was from Boston, Massachusetts could have been murdered there and left over the state border in Rhode Island.  The 19 year old McCready lived at 252 Savin Hill Avenue in Boston.  What is even more sinister about her murder was that aside from being strangled, she was almost five months pregnant.

If you have any information about this murder, please contact the Pawtucket Police Department at (401) 727-9100.


A Man is Murdered and then the Sole Witness to the Crime Is Slain as Well

It was June 24, 1994 when eighteen year old Rolando Francisco Miles of 18 Willow Street in Providence was a victim of murder after a fight on Stanwood Street in South section of the city. The gunman would shoot Miles several times and walk away while Miles lay wounded. The gunman would then return to fire several shots at Miles causing him to die hours later at a local hospital. An individual would be charged with the murder but never tried due to the fact that sole witness to the crime, BretSnowden, was murdered in front of 666 Prairie Avenue in Providence on February 19, 1996. He was 21 years old and had been shot in the head.

Both murders remain unsolved to this day.

The suspect in the Miles murder was the son of a Preacher would go on to get arrested numerous times. The suspect was also a victim of violent crime twice as he was shot in two different incidents. It is not known if the shootings were retaliation for the murders he is accused of committing. In 2018 would be charged with causing the death of a passenger in his car after the vehicle he was driving crashed while trying to elude police.

If you have any information about these two murders, please contact the Providence Police Department at (401) 272-3121