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Brutal Death of College Student Still Unsolved Decades Later

Sigrid Stevenson Murder - New JerseySigrid Stevenson was a 25 year old college student at The College of New Jersey (formerly known as Trenton State College), when her body was found on the main stage of Kendall Hall’s theater September 4th, 1977.  The Livermore, California resident had been been beaten to death and her body was found naked.  She had sustained a fractured skull and had cuts on her face and scalp, her hands had been bound.   It was believed that she had been attacked while practicing the piano or may have been sleeping in the building.

Stevenson attended Trenton State College to attain her master’s degree in music and had stayed with a professor earlier that summer. Before she died, she had hitchhiked to Canada.  The case remains unsolved.  Folklore at the college indicates that there are some people that believe her spirit resides in Kendall Hall by moving various objects around  and creating mysterious sounds