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Who Brutally Killed an Older Disabled Man in his Home?

Decapitation murder of blind 75 year old gospel singer still unsolved.It is perhaps one of the most disturbing cases of violence against an older and physically disabled person.  Robert Hollis who was legally blind and seventy five years of age was found beheaded in his  apartment located in the city of Inglewood on Thursday afternoon by a son of his.  He was found in his apartment in the 800 block of Glenway Drive just before 1 p.m in the afternoon on June 18th, 2015.  To make the case even more bizarre, his head has never been located. Hollis who was divorced was retired and sang in various church choirs and was often referred to by  nickname “Bojangles”.

Family and Law Enforcement are unsure of the motive for his murder but are not sure if robbery was one because he was wearing his jewelry at the time of death.  Evidence suggests that someone may have broken into his home to commit the heinous crime.   To learn more about this case you can view a tribute video to him.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Inglewood police at (310) 412-5246.





Public Parks are places to have fun. However, they can be at times very dangerous. Balboa Park in downtown San Diego is no exception. On November 19th, 1988, 31-year-old David Siino, was found murdered. He was shot numerous times in an area known as Redwood Circle just off of Balboa Drive, north of Laurel Street. Six days later Edward Hope, 60 year old, would be found dead in a similar method on the western edge of the park, near California 163, near the on-ramp for Interstate 5 northbound. The third victim would be Brian Russell Poole, 36 years old, was found murdered on December 5th, 1988. He was located in a restroom near Marston’s Point, in the 2300 block of 8th Avenue. The Torrington, Connecticut native was also found shot to death. Back when the murders occurred, it was believed that the three could have been connected due their lifestyles and the manner of homicide. The cases are considered cold and if you have any information about these slayings please call the San Diego County Crime Stoppers at (619) 531-2000.


Triple Homicide Decades Ago and a Killer(s) Remain Uncharged with the Crime


paylessmurdersIt was February 4th, 1979 and it was “Sunday Dollar Payday” at the Payless store, located at 19th Avenue and Concar Drive in the large town of San Mateo. However, at around 7:40 pm it would be more like Sunday, Bloody Sunday when three employees of the store: 24 year old Michael Olson, 17 year old Billy Baumgartner, and 16-year-old Tracy Anderson were all shot execution-style by an unknown individual(s). $20,000 and the weekend’s receipts were taken and robbery was concluded to be the motive.

Law Enforcement has had a person of interest in the case and believed that the person had worked at one time at the location. However, they need more information to make an arrest.

Olson left behind a one year old daughter. They all left behind siblings and parents looking for justice.

If you have any information about this case, please call the San Mateo Police Department tip line at 650-522-7675.